Elliot Joseph is a graduate of the  NYC American Academy Of Dramatic Arts Company, NYC, working with some of the finest NYC acting teachers, this followed by an invitation to the UK Film Council ‘FilmLab Masterclass with Denis Lawson, Mike Leigh, Brian Cox & Ewan McGregor. Originally from London, Elliot through struggle and persistence pushed to create his own content to help with his green card application, which turns out led to other creative passions. Starting with a theater company he founded called Nylon Fusion Collective that had produced plays with broadway directors and academy award winning writers and producers. During this time Elliot learned to fundraise, write grants, market and above all network in a community at a higher level. Now with Think(iT) Film Assembly, Elliot is now expanding his creativity by offering workshops on creating your own content and also a self-tape studio coming soon to Brooklyn.