Think(iT) Film Assembly


Professional Camera
Canon 5D Mark iii DSLR camera, with top of the line Canon glass.
Professional Sound
Shotgun xlr mic. For dynamic sound.
Professional Lighting
LED lighting. Adjustable tones. High CPU. You won't get hot!
Professional Editing
Final Cut Pro X, compressed to a high quality with quick same day turnaround
Professional Reader
Reader with plenty of on-camera experience both sides of the lens.
Brooklyn Location
Java Studios has amazing amenities, the studio is purely concentrated to taping and there's plenty of purified water, or of course.. But first, coffee.
If you would like coaching. Plenty of experience on and off-set.
Fun & Stress Free
Taking the stress out of an audition to do what you love is so important, that's why it's always fun and stress free when you tape with us to show you're best work!

Runnung The Studio?

Elliot Joseph

Self Tape your Audition, come to our weekly on-camera workout group, prepare your scenes & monologues and more!

Think(iT) Film’s rates are the most competitive in the NYC metro area and we proudly offer our services at Java Studios in Brooklyn at our professional filming studio for actors and entertainers to record their taped auditions, monologues, slates & scenes!

We offer a comfortable and productive environment to prepare for auditions, receive private coaching, and take a weekl supportive workout group to help grow indivdual performer brands.

All self tapes are professionally framed, lit, recorded (Video & Audio), edited, compressed, and transferred.

In addition Think(iT) Film can help you take your audition to a more grounded and authentic place by determining the audition’s genre, style, pacing, stage direction, beats & story.

Think(iT) Film is a comfortable and creative environment for all actors to come and play.

Feel free to arrive a bit early and enjoy some complimentary coffee, water & magazines while you wait!

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