Think(iT) Film Assembly

How do I get to the studio?

We are located at 252 Java Street, Suite 233. Brooklyn, NY.11215.
Easily accessible for the NYC Metro area.
It’s a short walk from Greenpoint Station on the G and Vernon Blvd on the 7.
But if you don’t mind a walk the L train to Bedford is another option.
G Train to Greenpoint Ave
7 Train to Vernon Blvd
Buses: B24, B43, B48, B61

What are your rates?

We offer the most competitive rates in the NYC metro area of $1.00/minute.  Our standard rate is to record a self tape audition, run lines, prepare for a live audition and record slate shots.

Holiday periods are TBD.

What are your cancellation or rescheduling policies?

We understand that cancellations and reschedules are in the nature of the industry. We request that you give us as much heads-up as possible before cancelling or rescheduling to allow us to make your time available to our wait list.

Cancellations / reschedules made less than 5 hours prior to the appointment are subject to a $20.00 fee.

Subways are awful! I'm running late!

Things happen! It’s New York! If there are actors booked after you and they are on time, i’ll shoot in order of arrival and find a stress-free amount of time get your tape done. There’s a pretty great waiting area with water, coffee, snacks and we have a fair amount of industry magazines.

What are your hours?

Business hours are 9am-4pm, but we are available outside of these hours as we understand the hectic nature of the industry. If you need a time outside of what is listed please email: with your date & time and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.

When will I receive my tape?

All selected scenes by you are edited, rendered, exported, and uploaded the same day you tape (I can’t guarantee a specific time, as it is dependent on how many tapes have been booked that day.)

Clients that need their videos within a certain time frame may purchase a rush edit at any point for a supplementary $10.00.

What do I get with my session?

For $1.00 Per Minute you get:

  • A working actor/reader/camera operator
  • As many taped takes you need for auditions/slates/monologues within your time frame (If you need more time in can be billed at the studio.)
  • Lines runs
  • Professional LED Lighting, Sound, and Editing
  • Playback of work.
  • Files received via a convenient downloadable link same day (no specific time frame)
  • Professional file compression
  • Free filtered Water and/or Coffee
  • A comfortable area with magazines while you wait.

What format do you shoot on?

We always shoot in production quality RAW with the 5D Mark iii, with top of the line canon L lens.

All our our equipment is production grade and fitted with prime lens.

How do I receive my file?

All files are sent via an encrypted/secure easy to use, downloadable link by WeTransferWe can send the file(s) directly to you, and cc your agent, managers, casting, or in any order. If you would like the file in other link or upload please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We can also upload your file(s) to Actors Access, YouTube, Vimeo, for a flat $10.00 fee this is because it’s a little more of a time consuming process to upload.

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